Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Blue Lunar Eclipse Moon

The full moon gets me every time.  I have been up all night; didn't sleep a wink and this has happened for the last four full moons.  This one is a blue moon and a lunar eclipse so there must be some pretty potent ju-ju happening up there in the heavens. 

Yesterday was a jam packed day and I ran out of time to post, but since the day never really ended for me anyway,  here I go. 

I had a ton of errands to do and at 4:30 I realized that I was going to be losing my light in a little over an hour.  It felt great to say to myself  "this can all wait" and steer my car back to the homefront.  I grabbed my clippers and started chopping away at the lantana that had turned to a mass of brown vines on the slope down to the street.  Last year I never got around to cutting back the freeze damage and the new growth had to contend with the old and probably fight for nutrients.  It felt good to clear the way for whatever wants to emerge in the spring.  I'm trying to do that in my life right now - cut back some self destructive patterns and make room for the new growth that I can't quite see yet.   

I also did some trimming on a stray ligustrum that sits next to the lantana.  Twice I have hacked that down, carved it up with a chain saw and dosed it with stump killer.  It comes back stronger and more vibrant than ever.  I have surrendered. Who do I think I am anyway?  It's lived here longer than I have and is apparently very happy with its home.  So I'll just give it regular haircuts and we'll live in peace like a parent and an unruly, stubborn teenager.

I was invigorated by the work in the middle of a busy day and before I knew it the moon was rising and I was once again pushing my wheelbarrow around in the dark.  As the days get longer I'll have a larger window to work with, but knowing me I'll still end up out there as the sun is setting and the moon is rising.  Maybe I got too intense a lunar dose, thus the blogging at 8 AM.  Good night and Happy New Year.  I better get some shut eye so I can sing in 2010 tonight. 

(Angel full moon photo by Lindy Hearne)


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