Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet - And I Don't Mean Twitter

At 4:30 today I was lying on the couch trying to head a migraine off at the pass. I've felt it coming on for a few days now. I don't get them often, but they are a new pal that started hanging around when I went careening into menopause. Another "slow down" mechanism that my body has adopted in its fifties.

The sun, air and this blog were calling me so I went outside to pick up sticks. I know it doesn't sound like much, but there has been a big mound of those guys all tangled up in front of the house for forever. I add to it before I mow and it had gotten pretty tall and intimidating. It took all of 25 minutes to snap them in half, load them into a brown recycling bag and put it out on the curb. I have way too many in the compost pile already, so I'll donate these to the city and probably buy them back as
Dillo Dirt later on.

My new iPhone has been sucking me in to relentless connection - gotta check that email or look at Facebook sixty times a day - even though I swore I wouldn't do that. I'm working on it. I took it out there with me for my stick excursion (so I wouldn't miss any earth shattering comments on my postings) and set it on the railing of the deck. The sun, air and song of the birds were so sweet that I immediately relaxed and decided to give myself a soundtrack for my project. So I put the iPhone to work and chose some
Eliza Gilkyson to listen to. She is an old friend and her voice comforts me. In person she always knows what to say and her wisdom hits the nail on my hard head every time. The first lines she sang to me were "sunshine and the air smells sweet, little birdies go tweet, tweet, tweet".

Okay then. I'm on the right path. Sometimes the most profound wisdom is as simple as tweet, tweet, tweet.

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  1. I get the iPhone thing. I'm working on that too!