Monday, December 28, 2009

The Waning of the Day

This is the first day since I began this blog that was a "normal" work day for me.  The holidays allow us to suspend our regular routines for a bit.  Although the dollars I earn come in at night from standing on a stage, the business that allows that to happen occurs in my home office during the day.  Today I was back at it, sitting at the computer all day and working with my pal/assistant Leslie across the room at her computer.  Now the real challenge begins.  How do I allow the time and space for this even when people are back in the office and waiting to hear from me?  I kept looking up at the clock and out the window at the dimming light, taking care of one more thing before getting out to the garden.  Finally at 5:30 I let the emails remain unanswered, closed up the accounting program, turned the press release over to Leslie (who is ten times better at this stuff than I am anyway), bundled up and went out into the chilly waning of the day.

Once again 1/2 hour proved to be more than enough time.  I had developed quite a headache throughout the afternoon and by 6:00 it was gone, vanished with the movement of my body, the change of my focus and the company of my kitty, Chippy, who loves to scamper around me while I work.  As I toiled with my nose to the ground, I became aware of a new light illuminating the dusk.  The moon was rising above me and calling me to look up, celebrate her beauty, enjoy the show.  You can bet I would have totally missed that at my computer. 

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