Friday, December 25, 2009

A Peanuts Christmas

The nog is gone, the cookies are crumbles, the recycling is overflowing and I am in my new flannel pjs. Christmas night and again there was nary a moment to spend in the garden today. But intention is a powerful thing. At a family gathering this evening we exchanged $5 white elephant gifts. All seven of us ended up with the most appropriate gift, intuiting through the wrapping paper which one to choose.

Mine is a "Grow Your Own Peanuts" Windowsill Greenhouse starter kit. It's "Ready to Harvest in Just a Few Months"; I'll start the seeds inside and move them outside when my incredible green thumb tells me it's time. I never fancied myself a peanut farmer, but I knew that the "As Grows the Garden" blog was probably going to open unexpected doors for my future. Here we go.

More to come later. I've got to go call Jimmy Carter and get a little advice.

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