Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Rainy Night in Texas

40 degrees and constant rain made the prospect of time in the garden not too appealing today.  So the office won my attention and it was quite comforting actually.  The phone didn't ring and I chipped away at long overdue tasks - getting ready for the new year and a trip to Belize next week.  I'm about to get into bed and read a Texas gardening book.  That's about all I can muster today but the wisdom I glean from it will be transplanted from my brain to the ground soon enough. 

I just looked up "glean" to make sure I was using it right.
One of the definitions is: "to go over a field or area that has just been harvested and gather by hand any usable parts of the crop that remain."   My vocabulary intuition is right on target tonight. 

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