Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ring Around the Moon

This happens a lot.  When I finally find time to write, it is after midnight and I have missed the "date window" so my little blogs don't line up in a neat little row.  Of course I began this with the Virgo perfectionism goal of having an entry for every day of the year.  But I am one of those living things that I am learning to be more patient and flexible with.  I am bound to have hibernation periods, my foliage is going to die for awhile, I'm going to show some signs of stress when it gets too cold or too hot. 

Alas, I am finding time to get outside everyday even if I don't write about it.  Today I clipped a few things with my trusty new Home Depot Titanium clippers and then sat on the porch playing Scrabble on my iPhone.  I got to experience a mystical ring around the moon as it was rising.  I also tried to cut back my aloe vera plants that took a real hit in the freeze.  I was dripping with aloe juice and gave my porch a very healing bath when it was all said and done.  I wished that I had a bad burn so that it wouldn't go to waste.   

Without this shift in priorities I probably wouldn't have done any of those things.  My desk might be cleaner and my laundry might be done, but I would have missed that ring around the moon.  

Disclaimer - I didn't think to get a picture tonight, so this shot is from a website

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