Saturday, January 16, 2010

High Tech Gardener

I put technology to work today and set an alarm on my iPhone to remind myself to put the computer on standby and get outside. The alarm went off and I of course pushed it another hour. I did go out though and finally took down the Christmas lights. I love decorating the house, both inside and out, but it feels good to get back to the space and simplicity that return when it's all packed away again.

This time of year I can see all the way down to the roots on most of my plants. The showy green growth and flowers are gone and I can find the foundation of my garden. I'm beginning to plan for the spring. Maybe I'll move some things that need more space, perhaps I'll keep other plants trimmed so they don't get as huge as they usually do. Just because the Esperanza can get 8 feet tall, do I have to let it? It looms over other lovely plants, casting a shadow that robs them of their light. There is a trumpet vine that we share with the neighbors along our driveway. Since there is no structure for it to grow on it falls over on itself and doesn't flower like it could with more support. This would be a good time to cut it all the way back and install a simple chicken wire fence for it to climb on in the spring. Voila, a little more privacy too!

I wish it was this simple to decide what to cut back in my own life and where to give myself more support so that I can "bloom and grow" like the edelweiss in the famous song. Maybe it is simple. I could start by cutting back on television (okay, I'm addicted to West Wing reruns - which I usually start about 1 AM) and support myself with more rest (the hour I spend at The White House with Martin Sheen).

In keeping with my vow to let technology serve me, I came in and exercised with our new Wii Fit after my time in the garden. I'm turning into such a high tech earth mother health nut.

(The picture today is our home when it's decked out in all its glory.  Happy New Year, a little late)

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