Wednesday, January 27, 2010

and The Grammy goes to...

We leave in the morning to fly to Los Angeles for four nights of Grammy Awards shindigs.  No, we are not nominated, but I am honored to serve as a Trustee on the national Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy, the organization whose membership votes and bestows the awards.  Tickets to the fabulous events are a nice perk at the end of a year of countless hours of meetings, trips and committee work.  So Chris and I gussy up and listen to incredible music and drink killer martinis for four nights. 

What this has created in my life is a convergence of deadlines right on top of a trip out of town.  I am applying to be a part of the Texas Commission on the Arts touring roster, to get my French music out there into museums, schools and concerts more often.  That process has been a bear.  We are attending the Folk Alliance Conference in February and had to get all kinds of promotional materials created and to the printer before we leave tomorrow.  Our phone started ringing like crazy for bookings this spring and summer.  I had to figure out what the heck to wear to three very dressy affairs.  You get the picture.   

And where did this leave my sweet gardening blogging project - in the proverbial dust.  True confession time - I haven't picked up a hose or a trowel or put on my gardening gloves since Saturday - that's four full days.  People often keep a journal to track their body's reaction to certain foods to identify what might be causing ailments and allergies.  Through this process I am tracking my daily activity choices and noticing my response.

After four days of nonstop work I can say that I am not sleeping well, have lost that magical relaxed vibe I was so proud of, started resenting my work, have been snapping at my sweet husband...If there was any doubt, I have now proven to myself that a little bit of earth and sun everyday really is a miracle worker in my life and psyche.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (like go schmooze at red carpet events) but I am counting the days until I get back to my overalls and my bamboo.   

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