Monday, April 5, 2010

In My Easter Bluebonnets

Almost three weeks since my last post.  In spite of my best intentions life keeps intruding on my gardening and writing time.  An unexpected trip to South Dakota to help my mother in law, Darleen, move into an assisted living facility pulled me away from my normal life for awhile and today I leave for Los Angeles to attend four days of meetings.  During the week I was "home" I was out of town four nights.  As you can see, I do not lead a life conducive to a daily routine revolving around the home turf.

I have managed to plant carrots, beets, blackberries, grapes, four o'clock flowers and bachelor buttons.  I've pulled piles and piles of weeds and am trying to keep up with the barrage of oak leaves covering our world.  Now the yellow/green dust is raining down on our cars, driveway, porch and kitty, who looks like she is wearing little green booties.  

As we drove home from east Texas yesterday we couldn't resist pulling over for a classic bluebonnets shot, so I am getting doses of Mother Earth even if it isn't in my own backyard.  The soft plains and hills of South Dakota also brought me comfort during a trying time.  I'll try to walk on the beach in LA for a few minutes, although I'll be in hotels and meeting rooms most of the time.  

When I return to Texas spring will still be in full bloom and my weary body will be ready to rest and rejuvenate by digging and planting and enjoying the fruits of my labor.    

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