Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day.  For 18 years now I have done an annual Valentine's French Show so it's never a particularly romantic day for me.  It's a work day to the nth degree - big band, lots of production, challenging music - all very inspiring and fun but it's not really about just Chris and me being cuddly and soft with each other. 

However, true love is true love so I did begin the day by giving him his gift - some big paper clippy things with hearts on them.  Office supplies/valentine's gift - how special.  His gift to me was to kick me out the door and into the garden.  I was in my overalls ready to grab 20 minutes outside but was about to use up all that time talking about bookings in May, taking care of band communication for tonight's show and watching over his shoulder as he designed business cards for the conference this week.  It takes a village to keep Christine from working, and the mayor is my husband Chris.  He reminded me that I would have alot more love in my heart for the audience tonight if I allowed time for my dirt therapy.  He was right.  Thank you Chris. 

So now I really must get back to work.  These last few days I've been carving out those moments outdoors and that "in sync with the universe" feeling is returning.  There's something about trust that emerges for me.  If there is a force that can orchestrate the ebb and flow of the life of a tree or a vine or the lettuce in my garden, surely it can handle my problems.  Now if I can just get my mind to relax and let life do its thing. 

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